Ahead of next week’s announcement by Google, the Nest Audio has been shown off in its retail packaging and next to a keyboard to show the small size of this speaker.

It lines up with previous leaks that we have seen on the Nest Audio, so nothing really surprising here.

The Nest Audio is wrapped in fabric and can be used standing up or laying down. All of the controls for this speaker are on the top half of the speaker.

Nest Audio pricing was also confirmed

The Nest Audio in question, was purchased at Walmart, for $99. So that is more than likely the price of the speaker. Which actually pits it $30 cheaper than the speaker it is replacing.

Google Home was unveiled for $129 a few years ago.  And was the only one that didn’t really fit in with Google’s smart speakers. So it’s about time that Google made a successor, and this Nest Audio fits in better with the lineup. And at $99, it makes it a bit more affordable, and more likely for people to buy it over the Nest Mini. As it will more than likely have much better sounding audio.

According to the Redditor that purchased the Nest Audio from Walmart, this model is a lot heavier than the Google Home and packs much better audio quality. Which we’d expect, after the Google Home was released almost four years ago now.

Officially unveiled next Wednesday

Despite two of Google’s four new products being up for sale at some Walmart locations already, these devices won’t be officially unveiled until Wednesday.

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The new Chromecast was also available for purchase from Walmart, and now the Nest Audio. The only things missing are the Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5. Both of which we have seen leaked quite a bit already, including the new ‘Subtle Sage’ color that Google is doing on the Pixel 5.

It won’t be a traditional Google event, as it is going to be live streamed only. Instead of having an in-person event. And now that Google has had time to watch many of its competitors do their own virtual events, it’ll be interesting to see how good (or bad) Google’s actually is next week. Google is teasing it as some drive-in movie event, that’s happening during the day.

The hardware event will be happening on Wednesday at 11AM PT. It’s going to be Christmas in October for Android fans.



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