Rocketspark's CEO Grant Johnson and Hamilton Central Business Association's Vanessa Williams are behind the Digital Pop-up week


Rocketspark’s CEO Grant Johnson and Hamilton Central Business Association’s Vanessa Williams are behind the Digital Pop-up week

A collaboration between tech company Rocketspace and Hamilton Central Business Association is aimed at getting Waikato businesses more digital savvy.

Digital Pop-up Shop is being run between November 23 to 27 in Hamilton, which is an opportunity for businesses to up-skill in a wide range of Internet platforms and improve businesses digital performance.

The disruption to businesses due to Covid-19 has seen a number of companies go on-line or enhance their online presence.

“We’ve seen businesses adopt digital tools and done really well, risen above the hardship.

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“So we thought wouldn’t it be cool to introduce people to a wide range of experts to help them,” Rocketspace co-founder Grant Johnson said.

Johnson admits those businesses that did engage with an expert on their digital business journey generally progressed a lot faster if they got the right advice.

”But it’s so crowded and cluttered because everyone is actually wanting to be really helpful but to actually know, who knows what they’re talking about,” Johnson said.

Having the benefit of dozens of clients around the region, Johnson, has the ability to see who is actually good at helping small businesses.

He approached a number of them, asking if they’d be prepared to give up some of their time to do seminars and paid workshops.

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“We cherry-picked a few people that were experts in areas from growing with google, social media expertise, linkedin, for us we know the web inside out and don’t claim to be experts in everything.”

The collaboration started back in the middle of the year and Hamilton Business Central Association, general manager Vanessa Williams said it is open to businesses in the Waikato region.

“Each day we will have something different happening. As well as a drop-in opportunity, which doesn’t require registration for people to drop in with their computers and have their digital world assessed.”

People will be working on their own business sites during the workshops.

Hamilton City Council is donating the Smart Space for the Digital Pop-Up.

Seats are still available.



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