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As the battle for smartphone dominance has heated up, one response by top phone makers has been to launch more models. We saw that several years back from Apple, with the expansion to three new iPhones debuting in the fall instead of two. And we seem to see that from Samsung on a continual basis, with the company now offering a huge range of Galaxy phone options for every user niche and price point. At the premium level, the Galaxy Note 10 is among Samsung’s key smartphone offerings on the market right now. The Note 10 is now the smaller-screened variant in the Note series, with the Note 10 Plus providing a larger display. In the iPhone realm, Apple launched its iPhone 11 Pro as the smaller-screened model in the premium “Pro” series (the iPhone 11 Pro Max sports a larger display).

Is the iPhone 11 Pro or the Galaxy Note 10 a better fit for you? What follows is our breakdown on the specs, price and other differences for Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro vs Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.




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