A heartbreaking incident took place in India. A 50-year-old farmer ended his life because his daughter could not fulfill her smartphone request. The girl, who went to the 10th grade, asked for a smartphone to attend online classes, but her father was able to buy a standard mobile phone because she could not afford it.

Unfortunately, there are events in the world that we may not want at all. Now we will tell you about an incident in India that you will really be impressed with after reading. If you wish, let’s take a closer look at what this 50-year-old man committed suicide.

A 50-year-old farmer, who lived in a village in Tripura state of India, was experiencing financial difficulties. This farmer, whose name was not disclosed, also had a daughter studying in the 10th grade. The farmer’s daughter had to perform her classes on the internet due to the coronavirus, but she did not have a smartphone. Even more painful, the 50-year-old farmer, unfortunately, did not have the money to buy a smartphone.

The 10th grade girl asked a smartphone from her father to attend online classes. However, instead of a smartphone, his father bought a mobile phone that was enough for him. This mobile phone was not at a level to meet the educational needs of the girl. Because the farmer’s money was not more than a standard mobile phone.

The girl, who was dissatisfied with her father’s phone, broke her cell phone after she started arguing with her father. The father, who was taken to his room after this discussion, apparently could not digest this situation any more, he committed suicide. In the statements made by the Indian police, it was stated that the incident took place on Wednesday and the lifeless body of the farmer was delivered to the family after the autopsy.

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