(This story originally appeared in on May 08, 2021)

is offering a Rs 30-lakh insurance cover and an additional Rs 7-lakh employee deposit insurance cover to employees for Covid. In the event of an employee’s unfortunate demise due to Covid, the families will get the full value of this cover, as also an amount equal to one-year salary of the employee.

About 1,600 employees of the company have been affected by Covid to date. There have been some casualties too.

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“We are also providing medical cover for three years to the affected families, children’s education cover for five years, and are providing training to their spouses wherever they are keen on joining us,” HCL’s chief human resources officer Apparao V V told on Friday. HCL Tech has 1.6 lakh employees.

The company said it is in the process of creating a corpus to support affected employees. HCL has already created a ‘Power of One’ corpus, where every employee contributes Re 1 every day to assist those employees.

“We don’t want our employees to be in financial duress in any way to pay for their healthcare in these unprecedented times,” Apparao said.

The company has created isolation beds across campuses. It has enhanced helplines – 46 doctors and 31 nurses – for medical advice.


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