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The Surface Duo debuted just over a year ago, and was one of the most unique devices in a while, certainly the most adventurous we’d ever seen Microsoft be. But there were a number of issues that stopped the not-a-phone from reaching its true potential. The Surface Duo 2, then, is Microsoft’s chance to take the concept to the masses with some much-needed improvements. 

Chief among these is hardware that’s actually capable of doing the heavy multi-tasking that the Surface Duo 2’s form factor requires. This time around, the device is way snappier, avoiding a lot of the slowdowns and freezes we experienced in our time with the original device. 

But it’s more than just faster hardware. The design has been refined all around, making what was already an elegant piece of hardware into a device that you’ll actually want to show off. Plus, there are some major quality-of-life improvements that will make the Surface Duo 2 much more comfortable to use on a day-to-day basis. This is, in so many ways, the device Microsoft should have released in the first place. 

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