GTA 6's Ending Could Be Grand Theft Auto's Bloodiest Yet – Screen Rant

Grand Theft Auto 6’s protagonists are looking to be a departure from past leads, but there are hints towards a potentially gruesome end for the pair.

Grand Theft Auto 6 may be headed for an unhappy ending if it sticks close to its most prominent inspiration. The early information about the game has revealed the relationship between the two protagonists, but has done little to elaborate on them outside of that. Players may have good reason to feat the game’s end turning out very bloody.

Following the success that Grand Theft Auto 5 had with its three protagonists, leaks have confirmed that GTA 6 will be launching with a pair of protagonists. While this first caused headlines for GTA 6 featuring Rockstar’s first female protagonist outside of the GTA Online and Red Dead Online player characters, it also creates a potential new story dynamic that harkens back to one of history’s most infamous criminal couples. While GTA 5‘s trio came together out of circumstance, the GTA 6 duo sound like a more long-term partnership.


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Grand Theft Auto 6’s Protagonists Are Seen As A Bonnie & Clyde Duo

bonnie and clyde 1967

GTA 6‘s protagonists have been described as a Bonnie and Clyde-styled duo of criminals. Bonnie and Clyde are among the most well-known criminals in pop culture, with the 1967 Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway movie marking a watershed moment for onscreen violence. The duo became infamous for their robberies across America in the early 1930s, and have become a go-to term when referring to criminals who are married or otherwise in a close relationship. If GTA 6 looks to improve GTA‘s crime sprees, then some real-world inspiration would be an interesting direction. It was probably only a matter of time before Grand Theft Auto, the biggest crime-themed franchise in gaming, would have its very own Bonnie and Clyde analogues.

GTA 6 May End Similarly To Bonnie & Clyde’s Messy Final Ride

GTA Online Summer Special Cars

The Grand Theft Auto 6 protagonists’ inspiration could lead them to an unfortunate end if the game stays true to life. While Bonnie and Clyde were known for their crimes, their deaths also became memorable in their own grisly way. Their lives came to an end when they were ambushed by a squad of officers, themselves and their car being riddled with bullets in the process. When this incident was recreated in the 1967 movie about the duo, the level of violence was considered jarring for the time. With Grand Theft Auto‘s familiarity with controversy, outrage and violence, the leads of GTA 6 could be in danger of a similar fate.

The deaths of the main characters in Grand Theft Auto 6 would be a shock, even considering the inspiration. Although Grand Theft Auto 5 could kill off one of its protagonists in two of its endings, it still left two characters remaining for the postgame. Unless a character like Jack from Red Dead Redemption could take over after the ending, killing the protagonists of a sandbox game would be quite drastic. Even with bittersweet endings such as Chinatown Wars and Grand Theft Auto 4, repeating Bonnie and Clyde’s fates would be a shocking finale for a GTA title. Even so, the story may well dictate that GTA 6‘s protagonists will die in the end.

Grand Theft Auto 6‘s story is still a guarded secret, so it’s impossible to tell whether its protagonists are destined to die. Grand Theft Auto spends plenty of time satirizing culture, so it could have its own spin on how things play out. However, if Grand Theft Auto 6 remains true to history, then its heroes may go out as messily as Bonnie and Clyde did.

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