Google Shopping Adds 'Price Insights' To Help You Find A Good Bargain

Google has been continuously adding some new features to its Google Shopping page. And now, the company is adding a ‘Price Insights’ feature to help you find a good bargain.

This is a nifty feature, especially considering the festive season that we are in. This new Google Shopping price insights feature helps you know whether the price offered for an item is high, low, or typical.

In fact, the prices are compared to other prices from across the web and in nearby stores. Apparently, this would help you to grab the best deals for the item of your choosing.

Last month, Google added some features that were meant to make local shopping much easier. It included information like curbside pickup options and product availability, etc.

And in this festive season, Google is adding price insights, deal alerts, and comparison tools to bring you the best prices for the things that you are looking for.

With sales going on in almost every shopping or e-commerce website, this could be a pretty nifty feature to grab the steal-deals. You can access this Google Shopping price insights feature either via the webpage or the app.

Google Shopping tab now shows a new graph comparing the price of the product

The new Google Shopping tab will help you separate the best deals from the bad ones. Besides, when you search for a product on Google, and head over to the Shopping tab, it will show you a price graph.

Apparently, this new graph would show you the price comparisons from different websites. In this way, you would be able to pick up the best deals on the product that you wish to purchase this season.

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Additionally, you will be able to get an insight on whether you should grab the deal then and there or wait for the right time to purchase.

In any case, if you wish that this is not the time to purchase the product, you can use the price tracking feature. This will notify you about deals and notifications about price drops for the product.

And you can then make a purchase to get the best deal on the product. In order to use this feature, you need to activate a Google account. The list of all products you were tracking will be placed under the ‘My Activity’ tab on your Google account.

One can view these Google Shopping tab price insights features as the one Google has for flights and hotels, i.e. Google Travel. It can be your one-stop-shop for shopping and grabbing the best deals.

However, this feature is not currently available in all countries. It is only rolling out for the users in the US. But we expect Google to push forward this feature to other regions soon.


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