Google Search Now Shows Personal Results

Google is constantly looking for new ways to make its search engine more intuitive. Recently, as reported by 9To5Google, the company unveiled personal results for the Google search app. These promise to tailor the search experience to the user.

There are three new personal results setting in Google search

If you haven’t noticed these new changes, Google will let you know by indicating them with a blue dot in the settings. To some peoples’ dismay, they’ll find that they’re automatically opted into having personal results.

The first feature is to have your searches autocompleted based on your search activity. Google will automatically fill in any searches that seem related to your previous searches. Google says that this is to help you “pick up where you left off.” Essentially, this is just to help you save time when you’re researching a specific topic.

The second feature will give you personal answers based on your Google account information. This seems a bit scary because of the misuse of personal data that all of the tech giants are guilty of. With this feature, all you have to do is put in a brief inquiry like “directions home” or “my flights” and Google will give you those answers in the search results.

The last of the Google Search personal results will give you recommendations based on your Google account. This includes results like where to eat, what to watch, and stories to discover. These will all pop up when you type in similar search inquiries.

If you don’t want to have these personal results in Google Search, then disabling them is easy. Go to your settings, and go to the “Personal Results” section. From there, you can tap the toggle switch at the top to disable the feature.

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Other Google news includes a new widget in Android 12

Android 12 made headlines months, but that doesn’t mean it’s old news. Google is still adorning its new software version with new goodies. The company recently added a new Google Assistant widget to the platform. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as Google found a way to squeeze Assistant into just about every service.

It’s not widely available yet, but 9To5Google was able to get it working on the latest version of the Google Assistant app. The widget itself conforms to the rounded and bubbly aesthetic of Android 12, and it will be pretty simple.

Based on screenshots, the widget will display information about the weather and will open the Assistant when tapped. What’s neat is that it also supports a dark mode. We’re not sure when this will become official, but the release of Android 12 is drawing nearer, so there might not be much time to wait.


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