Google Rolls Fix For Its Nest, Assistant White Noise Amid User Outcry

This week, Google’s Assistant saw some white noise changes that appear to have dramatically impacted Nest users but now there’s a real fix being implemented. More directly, the company updated the sleep-helping sounds this week, much to the chagrin of users. Who, summarily, found the noise to be too quiet, muffled, and its loop too short. Based on current reporting, the company has decided to reroll out the previously implemented white noise.

What was the issue with Google’s white noise on Nest devices?

For clarity, white noise is just one of the plethora of sounds Google offers users via its Nest devices and Google Assistant AI for falling asleep. But, with an update it rolled out earlier in the week, that noise was changed. And one of the biggest issues wasn’t just that it was quiet but also that it looped at 10-minute intervals.

Both resulted in widespread complaints on social media and user forums for the devices. Some users even reported that the shortened loop kept them or their families up rather than helping them calm down and go to sleep. Some users ultimately switched services or simply downloaded the previously-used loop.

Google really is playing this off as a fix

Now, when that change hit users, Google doesn’t appear to have been talking about it. But a new statement, reportedly from the company, seems to indicate that this really is a fix. Although it’s still unclear whether the change in the prior update was intentional. The company indicates that “there was an issue impacting our white noise experience. It’s fixed now and working as it previously did.”

That doesn’t, however, mean that every user will see the fix immediately. To implement a fix, the company has had to roll out a fresh batch of updates. So, at most, users should see the change in place over the coming days on the AI and their smart home equipment.


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