A lot of tweaks and enhancements have been added to Google Pay in the recent few weeks. Cut to now, Google Pay on the web is killing off the peer-to-peer payments functionality.

This is a major tweak for users who send and receive money in the U.S. via the Google Pay website. Notably, Google Pay web users are told that starting in early 2021, they won’t be able to use pay.google.com to send and receive money from other people.

FYI, Google Pay received a major revamp last week. The new app for Android and iOS is completely re-written on Flutter. It now sports the new logo as well.

The Google Pay NFC payment option is now placed behind a button. You can access it from the top right of the screen. This is an unnecessary burial of an easy-to-access payment option.

Users will be able to view all of their receipts and orders. Moreover, the app is now integrated with Google Photos. This allows the Google Pay app to grab any paper receipts, clicked using a phone camera.

In fact, one of the exciting features of Google Pay is that you can open online checking and savings accounts right inside the app with Google-partnered banks.

Sadly, after such a massive overhaul, the important functionality for many, who use Google Pay web to send and receive money is taken off by Google.

This leaves us with one option, and that is to download the new Google Pay mobile app

As per Android Police, since the option of using pay.google.com is now gone, users need to download the Google Pay mobile app. Thankfully, web users will still be able to manage their finances, change payment sources, and much more.

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However, it is sad to see that the peer-to-peer option is now gone from the Google Pay website. This is wrong on the part of users who preferred using the desktop to get work done.

Good thing is that you can still make payments and use features like tap-to-pay from the app. So, all in all, the new mobile app makes up for the loss of the feature on the web.

The new Google Pay app also gives you valuable insights into financial awareness and education. The main aim of this feature is to allow users to learn to save for their major life goals.

Currently, Google Pay web users can manage payment sources, subscriptions, and settings from the web. But starting in early 2021, you will have to use the Google Pay app to pay back your friend or receive money from them.



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