The year 2020 has really brought the entire world to a standstill. However, restrictions are now easing down and to navigate in this world, Google will give you information on whether the place is safe and free from a crowd.

Earlier, Google has already added the COVID-19 layer, that shows critical coronavirus related information in that particular area. The worst-hit areas will be highlighted in a different color.

Google is taking every possible step to make its users aware of COVID-19 by keeping them updated with the latest information on coronavirus.

Although it is still not advised for people to go out in the crowd. As things have still not gotten better. In fact, until the vaccine comes in, the only way to keep safe is to avoid public gathering or limiting going out.

This way we will be keeping ourselves and others safe from this deadly virus. And adding to this convenience, Google Maps will provide busyness information about places like stores, pharmacies, and gas stations.

This information will include whether such places are free from the crowd. Additionally, it will also show information if social-distancing is being followed in those places or not.

You can also get information about all other public areas as well. Crowded places will be visible for the users on the Google Maps app and you can take your decision to go out or not, based on that.

Google will be using its Duplex AI technology to keep the information up to date

Now, the most important thing about this Google Maps Busyness feature is to have the latest and current information. And for that, Google will be using its Duplex AI technology.

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This would help Google to call and ask the businesses if their Google Maps busyness information is up to date or not. During the pandemic, several businesses may have changed their working hours.

So, the Google Duplex AI system would interact with the business owners and ask them to keep the information updated. This would help the customers to keep in check, when to visit the store and when not.

Furthermore, users will be able to have a glance at businesses if they are busy or not, even without the need of searching for a specific place on Google Maps.

Besides, this Google Maps Busyness feature is going to be pushed for Android and iOS in the coming days. Moreover, the desktop application will also get this new feature.

Google Maps already provides tons of information about COVID-19 in the surrounding places. And the addition of this feature would definitely improve upon that and will help keep people safe.




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