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Running out of things to do to keep you entertained during a self-quarantine? Google might have the answer.

You’re going to want to check your email inbox for a $5 Play Store coupon that Google is sending out. The only catch is that you’ll need to be a Google One subscriber to be eligible, but after you can spend it on whatever you want. Games, apps, movies, music, you name it.

Free Google Play Store credits

So here are the details. If you get the email, you’ll have to click on the link by June 29th. Afterwards, the credit will expire on September 29th, so you can’t sit on it forever.

The credit still works on apps, games, movies, music, or books in the Play Store, so it really is essentially free money.

We’ve got some recommendations if you’re looking for a new game to play, but you can always try and spend it on a Google Play Pass subscription and get a ton of games to play over the next couple weeks, too.

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