As per a recent development, Google is now pushing out a new light theme for its Chrome OS. Until now, there was a mix of dark and light theme elements across the UI. But that changes now.

When Google pushed the dark theme with Android 10, everyone jumped onto it. And by now, you might probably be switching very conveniently between light and dark theme on your Android 10-powered device.

Well, things were different on Chrome OS. There was a subtle mix of light and dark themes used throughout the user interface, but no actual light and dark system theme.

However, instead of pushing a dark theme, Google is going the opposite way and rolling out a new light theme. Notably, all Android apps and web apps support light/dark themes.

And since Chrome OS runs Android apps, it was only a matter of time before a toggle to switch between light and dark theme came on Chrome OS.

According to 9to5Google, some elements are still in ‘dark mode.’ Especially the shelf, quick settings tray, and app drawer. Though the light theme is still evident in places like the file manager and settings page.

The new Chrome OS light theme was spotted on the latest version of Canary

Apparently, this new Chrome OS light theme was spotted working on Chrome OS Canary. There is a dedicated quick setting toggle, which the users can use as per their convenience.

Note that the light mode is still a work-in-progress. Meaning that there are still some elements that are not properly adjusted to view in the light theme, such as the clock.

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In a previous report, Android Police pointed out that Google is working on a light theme for Chrome OS. This will act as a building base for Chrome OS dark mode theme.

So, all in all, this points towards the fact that Google will be bringing a dedicated light and dark mode toggle in near future. There is no timeline shared by Google as to when users will be able to use this feature.

Good thing is that 9to5Google, with some efforts, were able to get the Chrome OS new ‘dark mode’ toggle. This theme would appear to be as default for Chrome OS users.

This dark mode toggle appears on the quick settings page of the latest Chrome OS Canary. Once you click on the toggle, a bright light theme paints the Chrome OS.

Light theme properly works in areas such as app shelf, quick settings bubble, quick account switcher, and the tablet mode app switcher. Can’t blame it though, as it is still in its initial days.

Let us know in the comments below what you guys think about this new addition of light theme in Chrome OS, and whether or not you are excited about it.



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