Google has a launch event lined up for October 5th but its probably not for the Pixel 6


While much of the Android world waits with bated breath for when Google will launch the tantalizing Pixel 6 series of smartphones that promise so much, it seems that the search giant has an event lined up for October 5th. Before you get too excited, while Google will announce some new hardware in the Nest, and smart home categories, there’s no mention of the Pixel 6 series in the leaked post that gave the date away.

Someone over at CNET made a booboo by posting an article well ahead of the embargo for such things, revealing that the October 5th even would see Google announce new Nest products as well as news on its Maps and Travel/Flights apps. While CNET took the article down shortly after it went live, the XDA’s Mishall Rahman took a couple of screenshots and uploaded them to his Twitter account, as seen embedded below.

The prematurely posted article doesn’t mention the Pixel 6 series at all, which could mean that we are back to the rumored October 19th launch date for Google’s new smartphones. Which makes sense because with the increased marketing push that Google is said to be putting behind the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro launch, the search giant wouldn’t want to take the risk of have the spotlight taken away from its new smartphones.

Still, it’s a sign of Google’s marketing division getting into gear to launch new devices and app features. Who knows, maybe Google will tell us when the Pixel 6 launch will be held during the October 5th event.

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