Goodbye old phones: WhatsApp will no longer work on 47 smartphone models – SAMAA English

WhatsApp, the popular messaging app owned by Facebook’s parent company Meta, has announced that it will stop providing updates and support for 47 smartphone models as of December 31.

The affected models include those made by major brands such as Apple, Samsung, Sony, and LG.

Users with these older models will receive a warning message before the app stops functioning altogether.

The move is intended to ensure that all WhatsApp users are using the latest version of the app, which includes enhanced security and privacy features.

The decision to stop supporting older models is due to their outdated operating systems, which are not compatible with the upgraded version of WhatsApp and future updates.

WhatsApp is a widely used messaging platform that provides free, end-to-end encrypted messaging services to billions of users around the world.

The decision to stop supporting certain smartphone models may be inconvenient for some users, but it is intended to ensure that all WhatsApp users have access to the most secure and up-to-date version of the app.


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