RAM is what’s used by your OS and applications to store data for quick access. They’re much faster than SSDs and HDDs, but they don’t all come in the same shapes, sizes, nor speeds. HyperX makes some excellent RAM modules and right now you can pick up an upgrade kit for your laptop or PC for less thanks to Black Friday, saving you up to 15%.

The HyperX Impact 16GB is a superb upgrade for a laptop to boost performance and provide additional RAM capacity for more apps to be opened simultaneously. If you find your notebook to act sluggish during intense workloads, or buy simply having Google Chrome open, you may need more RAM. It’s important to ensure your laptop is compatible with the RAM you pick before buying.

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Desktop RAM is easier to pick. Simply go with the fastest speed your motherboard and CPU can work with. The HyperX FURY Black 32GB RAM kit, comes equipped with a full 32GB of space for all your apps and games, and the 3000MHz is pretty much bang on the sweet spot for general computing.

Be sure to remain tuned to Windows Central to see what other Black Friday deals we manage to spot. And remember to always use tools like CamelCamelCamel to make sure you’re getting a good deal.

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