Get ready to pay up to $2 more each month for your Netflix binge sessions


If you watched Red Notice on Netflix recently, you may have been impressed by the film’s production values and the presence of the A-list actors (The Rock, Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynolds) that played the lead characters. Producing blockbuster films doesn’t come cheap, though, and Netflix has announced that it is bumping up the pricing on all of its subscription plans in the US and Canada.

The increase is already active for new subscribers and Netflix says it will send an email notification to current subscribers 30 days before the price increase comes into effect on their accounts. The Basic plan sees an increase of $1 monthly, the Standard plan by $1.50, and the Premium plan by $2, with no changes to the features offered by the plans.

Basic Standard Premium
Monthly cost $9.99 $15.49 $19.99
Number of screens you can watch on at the same time 1 2 4
Number of phones or tablets you can have download on 1 2 4
Unlimited movies, TV shows, and mobile games
Watch on your laptop, TV, phone, and tablet
HD available
Ultra HD available

Those who are taking advantage of T-Mobile’s offer of subsidized Netflix will be glad to note that the Uncarrier has confirmed that it will continue to cover the Basic Plan, while those who upgraded to the Standard or Premium plans will see the price change reflected on their bill once the increase goes into effect.

How do you feel about this latest increase? Has Netflix crossed the threshold of what you are willing to pay each month?


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