Gboard Gains Android 12's "Dynamic Color" Feature

The latest Android 12 beta is proving to be a popular one. As we discover more about this latest update, we’re seeing new features and UI designs pop up. A new addition that was just discovered is Dynamic Color for Gboard.

Dynamic Color for Gboard can be toggled in the settings

One of the main talking points of Android 12 is the Dynamic Color feature. It’s an interesting facet of Material You. Basically, it takes the prominent colors in your wallpaper and changes the color palette of your UI based on those colors. Menus, cards, and certain Google apps will have a new look to them when the wallpaper is changed.

Folks who like to use and customize their Gboard should love this feature. Dynamic Color for Gboard has just been spotted by 9To5Google. In the screenshots, we see a Gboard adorned in a few different color palettes.

As per the Gboard color scheme, most of the board is one color, while the accented keys, (the “123” key, space bar, enter key, and top row carrot) have a darker color. In the screenshots, we see green, light blue, and peach color Gboards that follow this scheme. The black Gboard is an exception as its accented keys are a light green against the black background.

If you want your keyboard to remain one color and not change with the wallpaper, then don’t despair. This is a setting that can be toggled on and off. In the menu where you customize your Gboard, you will see Dynamic Color as an option. Users can still have control over their keyboard’s look and feel.

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This change to Gboard comes as no surprise. Recently, Google released an update that changed the look of Gboard to a more round and cartoonish look. It has a rounded, pill-shaped, space bar and rounded accent keys. This reflects the rounded and bubbly aesthetic of Android 12 in general.

Android 12 is said to be the most popular beta to date

Whenever a new Android beta launches, people clamor to get their hands on it. Since the beta program has become something of a yearly holiday, it’s no shocker that it gets a lot of attention. Just recently, it was stated that this beta is the most downloaded one ever.

This statement was made by VP of Engineering, Dave Burk. He announced this news via a tweet. While this is interesting, there’s no proof or hard data to back this claim up.

The claim was followed by a reminder that the beta is still out, so this could have been an empty claim to gather more downloads. Hopefully, some solid numbers will pop up that show how many people have downloaded the update in the future.  The beta is available for free and you can get it on devices as old as the Pixel 3.


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