Every so often we’ll see some major backend portion of the internet go down, knocking out websites, notifications, or even Gmail. It’s annoying, but it’s usually resolved quickly and painlessly, at least for regular consumers.

It’s much more rare to see full hardware get knocked offline, however, but that’s exactly the mess Garmin finds itself in right after a ransomware attack on Friday.

Garmin Ransomware Outage

So what’s going on here? Well, Garmin originally reported some maintenance issues that were affecting its services, but after things just never came back up, they admitted it was a full outage. This outage is affecting the Garmin Connect app, which handles syncing Garmin’s wearables to your smartphone, but it’s also apparently taken out their call centers and some portions of their website and online infrastructure. It’s pretty serious.

While it started as a multi-hour outage, Garmin has again confirmed that this is probably going to last for a few days. This is apparently due to a severe ransomware attack, so Garmin’s trying to put out the fires and secure user data in the process.

The bad news is this means that your Garmin watches are totally unusable at this point. You can’t even do any local syncs between your watch and phone until things get turned back on, so anyone with an affected wearable is basically just rocking a regular watch that needs to be charged too often this weekend. Some early reports think everything should be back to normal by the end of July 25th, but this is definitely going to make people think twice when it comes to buying a new smartwatch or fitness tracker in the future.

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via: Android Central

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