Even the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G has not escaped the hands of JerryRigEverything, who put it to the test in his “usual” durability review video. Get ready for footage where technological violence is king, but where the poor protagonist manages to come out the winner.

Those who usually watch JerryRigEverything’s YouTube channel will know what to expect. The most famous devices released on the market have all passed through his clutches, but not all have managed to get out alive. Don’t complain about the spoiler at the beginning of the article because knowing that the Note 10 Plus 5G has managed to pass his durability test with flying colors will not take away the pleasure of enjoying this tech torture.

The front panel, the aluminum frame and the crumbling body are immediately seen to with a razor blade and the Gorilla Glass 6 prooves itself again. Then it’s up to the S-Pen, which is split in two but which continues to work on the display. It also emerges that there is a system that does not allow the S-Pen to be inserted in reverse, just like on the previous generation. Despite the deep scratches, the video shows how the in-display fingerprint sensor still works.

The Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G does, therefore, prove to be a smartphone that is not only beautiful and stylish, but also durable. Even when it’s bend tested, it literally doesn’t make a crease. In the burn test, when the phone’s display is heated with a lighter, the pixels are able to recover quickly. But enough talk. You can watch the video for yourself right here:

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