Five cities, namely Bandung in West Java, Batam in Riau Islands, Makassar in South Sulawesi, Pekanbaru in Riau and Semarang in Central Java will receive grants of 21 million euro (Rp 326.5 billion) from the governments of Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom to develop Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) services in the cities.
The five cities have been selected by the Indonesian government as pilot cities to develop public transportation called SUTRI NAMA (Sustainable Urban Transport Program Indonesia) and INDOBUS (Indonesian Bus Rapid Transit Corridor Development).
“The program will be carried out in line with our commitment to reduce the use of personal vehicles, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce air pollution caused by transportation,” said the Transportation Ministry’s land transportation director Budi Setyadi during the signing of a memorandum of un…


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