AUKEY makes some really great chargers, and today, you can pick up this 27W USB-C charger for only $10.

The regular price is $19.99, but when you clip the 50% coupon on the page, it drops to $9.99. That makes this an absolutely incredible deal.

There are two ports available on this USB-C charger. There’s a USB-C port capable of Quick Charge 3.0 (up to 18W) and then a USB-A port which uses AUKEY’s proprietary fast charging standard and is limited to around 9W.

The good news is that if you are using both ports at the same time, you won’t need to worry about one taking power from the other.

At 18W on the USB-C port, it’s perfect for charging your smartphone. Most smartphones top out at 18W over USB-C. Some of Samsung’s newer smartphones can do 45W, but that is over USB-C PD and PPS. While others use USB-A for their fast charging speeds.

It’s a really great charger to keep on your desk too, which is nice. As you can charge your smartphone and smartwatch at the same time. Now, unfortunately, you won’t be able to really charge your laptop off of this one. While it is possible via the USB-C port, at 18W, it’s going to be very slow. If you are not using your laptop while it is charging, then it’ll be okay. But if you are, then it’ll be using more power than it is getting.

For $10, you really can’t afford not to pick up this USB charger. It’s always nice to have a spare or two around the house. As you never know when you might need to top off your phone before going to work, or going out to an apple orchard.

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You can pick up this AUKEY 27W USB Charger from Amazon today by clicking here. This charger is not going to last long at this price.

AUKEY 27W USB Charger – Amazon – $10



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