checkbox.jpgFrom today’s City Council meeting, late today – the plan to renew extra bus funding via the Seattle Transportation Benefit District (STBD) is officially headed to the November ballot. The six-year measure that’s expiring this year is a .1% sales tax and a car-tab fee; because of I-976, the renewal just has a sales tax. While there was a proposal to double it to .2%, councilmembers decided on .15% (that means 15 cents on every taxable $100 you spend). They also decided to keep it as a 6-year plan, though there had been a proposal to shorten it to 4 years. With the increase in the proposd tax rate, District 1 Councilmember Lisa Herbold proposed an amendment to increase the “emerging needs” amount expected to help pay for extra West Seattle transit while the bridge is out – that will now be a $9 million fund rather than $6 million, commensurate with the increase in the proposed tax rate. A majority of councilmembers approved that amendment; the final proposal passed unanimously.


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