Toxys is a Dutch biotech startup offering a broad spectrum of innovative in vitro toxicology solutions. Founded in 2014 as a spin-off from Leiden University Medical Center, this company is dedicated to bring relevant information to its clients on potential human health hazards of existing and novel drugs, chemicals and other substances.

Toxys is known for the development of unique animal-free laboratory tests for the safety assessment of novel medicines, cosmetics, chemicals, and food. The biotech company intends to become a global leading supplier of expert in vitro chemical safety testing services.

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Raises €2M funding

The Dutch biotech company secured €2 million funding from KIKK Capital, Zeeland Investment fund, InnovationQuarter, Toxys management, and Rabobank. The new investment will let Toxys accelerate its growth by expanding its operations in Europe and the US. The company will also broaden its portfolio of in vitro toxicology assays, accelerate international growth and implement its toxicology assays for regulatory applications.

Giel Hendriks, CEO of Toxys, commented: “We have made important progress on development of innovative animal-free tests for drug and chemical safety testing. I am very proud of the strong and dedicated Toxys team to execute our plans to become a trusted expert in toxicological research. With this new investment, we are ready to further expand our business globally and continue to work on the development of novel solutions for toxicological research”.

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Patented ToxTracker assay!

Toxys has developed the patented ToxTracker assay that can identify toxic and carcinogenic properties of novel pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, and agrochemicals at an early stage of product or drug development. It can prevent unnecessary rejections of highly valuable drug products, minimise drug or product development timelines and prevent unwanted animal testing.

The unique capability of ToxTracker is to identify the mode-of-action of toxic compounds that significantly enhance the ability to predict and minimise risks for human health. Currently, it is under review by the international authorities for official acceptance so that the test systems can be included within the standard regulatory safety test strategy.

Besides ToxTracker, Toxys is also prepping to launch the novel ReproTracker test. With this test, it aims to fill a large unmet requirement for an in vitro embryo toxicity test.

Main image picture credits: Toxys

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