Do Canucks Bet? The Most Popular Sports to Bet on in Canada

Betting euphoria didn’t skip Canada. However, not every sport is equally popular within bettors. Therefore, a sports betting site in Canada always tries to offer competitive and attractive offers for the most popular betting sports in Canada. 

Even though most of us associate Canada with cold weather and sports on snow and ice, Canadians enjoy watching and betting on different sports. Here are the most popular sports among Canadian bettors. 


With unbreakable hockey records, Canada is one of the most successful nations in hockey. NHL league offers a lot of months of action which bettors can use in the purpose of betting on ice hockey. Olympic gold medals are probably the best proof of the nation’s dedication to Hockey. The sport isn’t just popular among males, but also the female population. Bookmakers know that Canadians love to bet on hockey, so bookmakers often offer great odds and promotions to attract bettors. 


Baseball is within the most popular sports among Canadians. They love watching baseball games, and they enjoy playing as well. With many games during the season, Canadian bettors find baseball as a great betting option. When you don’t know what to bet on, there is always a baseball game. 


With the constant improvement in Canadian basketball, the sport’s popularity among bettors is constantly growing. Canada is known for its great basketball players. Some of them are NBA stars and pride of the country. Basketball gets a lot of attention within Canadians, but to win bets and be successful when betting on basketball, bettors have to develop a plan. 


The occurrence of several tennis stars like Milos Raonic, Denis Shapovalov, and Eugenie Bouchard put tennis in a very important place among sports that Canadians enjoy. The sport is becoming very popular among bettors, especially during the Grand Slam season. With the success of the mentioned players and the interest of young kids to practice this sport, tennis is expected to be more and more popular in the years to come. 


Canadians also love football. Matches in several professional leagues such as NFL and CFL league, attract a lot of Canadian bettors. In addition to professional leagues, college football is also very popular. Summer is the preferred season for betting on football matches. Football is considered a great option for fun and entertainment. 


This is a sport Canadians accepted with both arms opened. Canadians held the record for the MMA event with the biggest audience. Golf has a great betting potential. Those who watch it regularly can always find a match to bet on.


Bettors know that a lot of golf matches have a potential for betting. Many people consider golf as the most exciting sport in Canada. It doesn’t matter what the season is, Canadians enjoy both, summer and winter golf competitions. 

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