In the UK, the now Chinese owned MG has launched a cheeky new advertising campaign for its new range of EVs – aimed squarely at introducing the new electric vehicle era by firmly placing the internal combustion engine (ICE) in the past.

MG does this by placing inflatable dinosaurs – what else? – in almost every scene of the TV ad, as MG gently pokes fun at “dinosaur drivers” who still rely solely on fossil fuel to get around.

“In many ways the TV ad is a bit of fun,”  says Daniel Gregorious, MG’s Head of Sales & Marketing, said. “It sends the message that it’s a new era not just for MG but for motoring in general as consumers embrace electricity and leave petrol and diesel power behind.

“But it also delivers a really important message – that these ‘cars of the future’ are with us now and that, thanks to MG, they really are now an affordable and practical choice for everyone and for everything.

“This year already almost one third of our new car sales are electric and in 2021 we expect more than half our sales to be electric cars. The new era is officially here!”

dinosaurs ad
Source: MG/Youtube

It will be fun to watch the other manufacturers as they roll out new EV models and retire their ICE (internal combustion engine) models. Will they too jump on board to retiring the image of the ICE age to ‘the olden days’?

To see the full ad, please click here.



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