Dell World: Exploring the school and, by proxy, office of the future

Editor’s note: Dell is a client of the author.

Like most tech events this year, Dell Technologies World is virtual. And like most companies, Dell is adjusting to the New Normal where most employees are still — and may remain — working from home. During the opening keynote of this year’s event, Dell CTO, John Roese presented a blended view of the future for several of the vertical markets Dell serves. 

For instance, he implied that medical care in the future would likely, at least in some cases, arrive in some autonomous vehicle/office as a more efficient and safe way to provide services in the post-pandemic world. 

While Roese didn’t speak specifically about the future office, he talked about classrooms of the future, and that points in the direction of the future office. (Side note: Michael Dell, in his part of the keynote, showcased videoconferencing tech that I think would also change that future office.)

Let’s talk about the post-pandemic future of the office and education. We’ll start with the classroom of the future and then use that to define how the office may one day look. 

The classroom of the future

It looks like classrooms are going to remain virtual for many students, whether because of the pandemic or because of some personal disability, illness, or remote location. Blended use of augmented and virtual reality (aggregated under the term Mixed-Reality) will define that classroom. At the same time, a back-end of AI will enable a level of inclusion that we have yet to see.

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