Dash is ranked at #15 on coinmarketcap. The price of DASH is at $117.25, after being near the $100 level just two days ago. The price went up by 7.26%. The trading volume recorded is $170.761 million. The total market cap of Dash is $1.047 billion. Thus, this altcoin has reached the $1 billion level.

The circulating supply includes 8,931,238 DASH tokens in play as of this moment.

The Dash Podcast 113 was live streamed via YouTube less than a day ago. Jorge Farias, the CEO of Cryptobuyer is a guest for this episode. Tune in to know more:

Mainstream adoption for cryptocurrencies has not been too remarkable, though Dash as a network has had some pretty astounding achievements. Dash Core Group’s CMO Fernando Gutierrez talked about how the focus of Dash is to venture towards areas when consumers are actually facing major issues with fiat currency. 

Thus Dash has been picking up pace in countries such as Venezuela, Peru. Nigeria and other parts of Africa [including Zimbabwe] has seen a surge in terms of users and transaction volumes. As more individuals join in to carry out cross-border payments at nominal costs, DASH Core keeps enhancing security and the phenomena of Masternodes.

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, along with Ethereum and many other altcoins have largely been affected by “Where the Wind takes Them”. Remittances are a crucial factor which drives mass adoption for Dash, as due to growing population and unemployment, people migrate to countries with better opportunities. But they still need to send funds to their loved ones, and the DASH network aids their process.

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Transactions are speedy, and completed after a negligible fee is deducted. The global remittance market is slated to reach 6x its present value in the course of 5 years. ATM companies such as CoinLogiq and VaultLogic have been working with DASH to simplify the process of cross-border transfers.

DASH might cross UNUS SED LEO {LEO} someday. Although that is far-fetched, unless a sudden increase in terms of buyers occurs which boosts the value of the coin.