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Mi Band 7 Pro On Wrist

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Mi Band 7 Pro: The Mi-ssing link between fitness tracker and smartwatch

Mi Band 7 Pro On Wrist

One of the most popular products in Xiaomi’s roster is the Mi Band family of fitness trackers. It’s been around for years – cheap and cheerful, and arguably more important than most dedicated fitness brands out there. Now Xiaomi is introducing the Pro version, which looks suspiciously close to a smartwatch. It shapes up to be a home run.

No, that’s not an Apple Watch on my wrist

  • Xiaomi has a time-honored penchant for imitation when it comes to product design.
  • From the first Mi phones, to Mi Pads and Mi Books, Xiaomi is not ashamed of stealing Apple’s look.
  • The Mi Band 7 Pro looks like an Apple Watch with a narrower screen and no crown.
  • It doesn’t get points for originality, but honestly, that won’t matter much.

What makes it Pro

  • Compared to the standard Mi Band 7, you get a bigger, 1.64-inch rectangular AMOLED screen with rounded corners.
  • The Pro looks more premium, but its metallic finish conceals a plastic body.
  • The real upgrades are inside. The highlight is the built-in GPS, which means runners, cyclists, and hikers will get to leave their phones at home.
  • NFC is also a default feature – this is notable because the standard Mi Band 7 won’t have NFC on all versions. NFC enables contactless payments, one of the nicest perks of smartwatches.
  • The Mi Band 7 Pro is water resistant to up to 5ATM and can run up to 12 days on a battery charge.
  • It can track dozens of sports modes and has health features like 24/7 heart rate tracking, blood oxygen level monitoring, and sleep tracking.
  • It also supports voice commands, phone notifications, find-my-device, and music controls.

Here’s the kicker – it’s still incredibly affordable

  • Despite the big upgrades, the Mi Band 7 Pro is very affordable. It costs the equivalent of $56 in China.
  • Even if it’s more expensive in other countries (Chinese prices are among the lowest in major markets), the Mi Band 7 Pro is very competitive.
  • You get most key features of a mid-range smartwatch, for 20-30% of the price. It looks the part too.
  • Xiaomi will probably have problems keeping up with demand for this thing.
  • Is it a fitness tracker? Is it a smartwatch? Does it even matter at this point? We’re witnessing the same phenomena we’ve seen with smartphones. The low-end is now objectively “good enough,” while the big brands differentiate themselves with unique features and ever-increasing prices.


📱 Along with the Mi Band 7 Pro, Xiaomi also introduced the 12S series of smartphones. The flagship 12S Ultra features a giant 1-inch camera sensor and Leica Summicron lenses and color profiles. On paper, this is the camera phone to beat in 2022 (Android Authority).

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