Frostpunk is a masterful strategy game beloved by fans, and it’s getting a release on Android. It’s also coming to iOS, so this will be a mobile release in general. With no loyalty to one platform or the other.

The release of Frostpunk on Android is being handled by NetEase. The same company that Blizzard has been partnering with for Diablo Immortal. However, Frostpunk is actually developed by 11 Bit Studios. If you’re unfamiliar with the name, it’s the same studio behind numerous other strategy games on mobile, PC, and console.

Including This War of Mine, and the collection of different Anomaly games.

Frostpunk for Android does not have an official release date

11 Bit Studios has announced the game for mobile devices, but not with a release date. At the time being, the game’s arrival on Android and iOS is still to be determined. However, there is likely to be more details on arrival timing this month.

As NetEase and 11 Bit Studios are slated to announce more information about the game on May 20. That means there’s about a week and a half to go before then.

In the meantime, NetEase and 11 Bit Studios have launched an official website for the game. Which is now live and players can go there to check stuff out. There isn’t much information available there yet though.

This will not be a straight port of the original game

Even though there isn’t a ton of information out there about Frostpunk Mobile yet, the website does highlight a few things. And judging by the way the game is described and how it’s being referred to, it won’t be a straight port of the original game.

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According to NetEase, Frostpunk Mobile “perfectly brings this post apocalypse society survival experience to mobile.” But it also says that the game is authentic to the original Frostpunk signature gameplay. Which sounds like it will feel a lot like the original but it will be its own game.

New features are being added too. Frostpunk Mobile will include things like roguelike mechanics, laws, guild capabilities, and even a station where you can rescue rare animals. The game will also include character development.

In addition to the release date, which should be announced next Thursday, NetEase and 11 Bit Studios may announce details on pricing. Though with NetEase on board, expect this to be a free-to-play title with micro transactions for monetization.



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