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Creative agency helps businesses bring their brands and ideas to life – WCJB

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) – Juan Carlos Tafur had been working as a Creative Director at the University of Florida when he got the inspiration for Innova Leaf. He noticed a gap in communication and lack of creativity with certain learning and training techniques used by students and staff. In 2017 he took the issue on himself, full-time.

“I decided to come up with an idea, something different,” Tafur said, “not just to create video for people to watch, but to create something meaningful. [to create] some content for people to actually understand what a product or service is. That is why I decided to found in Innova Leaf, with the focus on creating something different.”

The company specializes in making high-quality explainer and promo videos for companies across all industries.

They start from scratch with every company, so that no two videos are the same. From brainstorming, to story-boards, to the script, the client is part of the process.

“We try to understand your business needs. We are not going to just offer you something just for us to get your money … that’s not the idea. If you’re not happy, we’re not gonna be happy,” Tafur said.

Of course, being tech-based, comes with the pressure of keeping on top of the always-changing tech world.

“Especially now that everything is becoming more digitalized, we need to keep ourselves updated,” Tafur said.

Innova Leaf has sparked interest in companies not just across Florida, but across the globe … from Denmark, to Norway, to Columbia.

For Innova Leaf, the digital-sky is the limit.

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