“Once the pandemic hit, obviously most of those products didn’t have any short term viability so we transitioned to building an application that automates thermal screening for mostly employees, but also just public spaces,” said Erik Strobert,

In other words, they’re using technology to take people’s temperature without coming into contact with anyone.

“For our business clients who are interested in taking the temperatures of their employees every day or multiple times a day, we have a full back end of facial recognition features which allows management to not only get alerts when someone is presenting with a fever, but also allows management to basically have accountability and see which employees have scanned on a daily basis,” Strobert said.

It can also keep track of an employee’s temperature over time and streamline resources to an employee who has a fever.

“All it requires is that you put your face close enough and then we can get a temperature reading,” Strobert said.

Perspective Components Inc. is already working with businesses around the U.S. and in New Mexico like Albuquerque Fire Rescue.

They are charging $200 a month per camera, but the cost goes down if a business buys more cameras.



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