It’s been a calamitous week as tens of thousands of workers find themselves either temporarily laid off, put on half pay or forced to work remotely as infection and the need for social distance dictate a rapid shift in workplace culture.

As well as hammering home the need for civic responsibility if we are to stem the Covid-19 crisis, the Government has been scrambling to address fears of workers who are suddenly without jobs – and their employers – as well as providing peace of mind for business and personal borrowers.

But on each of these two significant undertakings, the Government has been guilty of delivering mixed messages that serve only to further alarm and confuse an already distracted public.

The Government said employers could reclaim €203 weekly from the State for money paid to workers laid off

On Wednesday, Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe met the leaders of the five big lenders in the Irish market. Flexibility for over-stretched borrowers was the focus with promises.



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