CoPE science and technology team met | news | Buenos Aires City –

The October Strategic Planning Board Science and Technology Working Group meeting was held in virtual mode. Among the issues raised by the organizations, they worked to prepare for the advocacy event to advance the proposal of the Argentine Scientific Association to establish a scientific publishing center. The end date is set for Thursday, November 25th at 6:00 PM in face-to-face mode. In the early days of November, the Coordination will circulate the call to CoPE organizations.

Then we worked on the participatory strategic plan for economic development and social innovation BA 2035, reviewing themes, guidelines and projects and adding the contributions and observations of the attending organizations. Regarding the monitoring of the PEP, the minutes of the previous meeting and the work plan will be sent together with a methodological proposal that the Professional Council of Sociology approached to transform the objectives into bills, recommendations and some definitions to clarify the monitoring conceptually. PEP BA 2035. The objective is to prepare a report for presentation at the December meeting.

In the framework of the Urban Environmental Plan update, it was reported that contributions for the Ribera del Río de la Plata and Avenida Paz public sector plans have been submitted to the Permanent Participatory Forum, to hear their contributions and feedback. He also mentioned that a new multi-dimensional workshop will be held on November 2.


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