• My checkout: You can skip the line and use one of the scanners in the store to check out with the help of a Target employee in the store.
  • In-store payment with no contact: You can use Wallet, the payment option in the target app.  Then you don’t have to touch the scanning device.
  • Pre-trip shopping reservations: You can check Target.com to see if there’s a line outside your target.  If there is, you can reserve a spot in line and Target will text you when it’s your turn.

Google removes three children’s apps

While you’re shopping, have you ever given your little one your phone to keep him quiet? Don’t feel guilty, we all have.  And you’re likely familiar with at least one of these very popular apps for young children – Princess Salon, Number Coloring and Cats and Cosplay.

According to the International Digital Accountability Council, those apps have been spying on you. The apps were able to collect your unique advertising ID as well as your Android ID allowing them to track you across several devices. So Google removed the apps from the Playstore. And Google says it’s putting procedures in place to catch bad actors before their apps end up in the Playstore.

Consumer Reports guide to going out

Even with safeguards at stores, you may have real reservations about going out if you’re at high risk. So Consumer Reports has a complete guide for staying safe while going out.

For example, if you’re going to a small indoor gathering, wear goggles or a face shield in addition to your mask. That’s because your eyes are also a gateway for the virus. Visiting the grandkids? All should wear masks, and the little ones can give you a quick hug around your legs, but no other contact.


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