Here is some exciting news for Chrome OS lovers. According to Android Police, Chrome OS Wi-Fi sync is rolling out to sync Wi-Fi credentials with Android easier. The feature is rolling out alongside the Chrome OS Phone Hub feature. This is great news because users will now be able to have all of their devices synced perfectly.

In this day and age, our devices have multiple sets of login credentials for various Wi-Fi networks. Having to remember each password for each network each time you want to connect is a hassle. Google has looked for ways to make this entire process easier. Last year Chrome OS Canary began syncing Wi-Fi passwords with other devices.

Unfortunately, that feature never rolled out on a wider scale. Due to this, it seemed like the feature had been stalled. However, Google is creating a new, better Wi-Fi syncing feature for Chrome OS. In addition to this, some people have already begun to receive the update.

This new implementation differs from the old implementation. Last year, the old method used the bookmark syncing system to sync Wi-Fi information. This means that users had to always have an internet connection to sync passwords. This is a problem if you can’t connect to a network.

Chrome OS Wi-Fi Sync Is Now Slowly Rolling Out

However, the new method uses the Connected Devices service. The Connected Devices service will be available soon with the Phone Hub. This new implementation uses Bluetooth to exchange Wi-Fi information between your phone and Chromebook. This works both ways as well.

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For those who are excited about this new feature, there is some good news. The Chrome OS Wi-Fi sync feature is slowly rolling out now. However, it is a slow rollout. This means that many users do not have the update just yet.

If you are one of the users who have the new feature then congratulations. For users who do not, keep a lookout for it. The update will come via a server-side change on Chrome OS which is tied to the Phone Hub. As a result, once the Phone Hub is available for you will be able to sync Wi-Fi credentials as well.

Chrome OS and Chromebooks had a solid 2020. Many good new Chromebooks launched which helped Chrome OS overtake macOS in the market. Chromebooks and Chrome OS is easy to use and setup, so many people around the world love them.

When Chrome OS first launched it needed to always be connected to the internet. However, Google continued to evolve the OS and make it better year after year, and this is another evolution that will help. Being able to have better connectivity between your Android phone and Chromebook will definitely help improve productivity.



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