Choetech has carved out a market for selling affordable chargers and mobile accessories. We’ve reviewed a few of their gadgets on Talk Android, and they’ve always managed to be well worth their asking price.

Today we’re taking some of their newer truly wireless earbuds for a spin. At just $29, they’re incredibly affordable, but Choetech is trying to keep them competitive with the rest of the budget-friendly options on Amazon.

Let’s see if they’re worth it.

Basic design

  • Satisfying clasp
  • Cheap plastic material
  • Bulky case

When you’re dealing with headphones in this price range, there’s a huge range in build quality when it comes to the case. You have to strike an appropriate balance of long battery life, lightweight design, and keeping enough room to hold the headphones themselves.

Choetech did an okay job here. The case itself is kind of bulky; it’s very tall, but not wide, and the cheaper plastic is immediately apparent. It doesn’t feel great. The hinge and magnetic clasp, however, are incredibly sturdy and have a very satisfying snap when you close the case. It’s strange to see cheap feeling construction but have a solid hinge, honestly, but I’m not complaining.

There’s a single LED indicator on the front of the case below Choetech’s logo, and the bottom houses a USB-C port for charging. Nothing crazy here.

The headphones themselves look slightly inspired by the AirPods Pro. The case does too, to an extent, but it’s definitely more noticeable on these white stems. They fit in your ear at an almost horizontal orientation, though, so I don’t think anyone will mistake them for AirPods out in the real world.

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They’re light, comfortable, and fit perfectly into the charging case. Can’t complain.

Bright sound

  • Tons of clarity
  • Not much low end
  • Comfortable to wear

There are two ways to use these headphones. One way is really good, and the other is just okay.

Choetech’s buds have a pretty significant amount of top end, which helps them sound incredibly crisp and clear. Dialogue cuts through, vocals in songs are rarely if ever muddled, and you won’t struggle to hear what your favorite actor is saying on Netflix. At very loud volumes they can get a little crunchy, but we’re not dinging points there on a $30 pair of headphones.

The low end, however, struggles to keep up. So all of those aforementioned things are true, but the explosions in your movies are going to sound a little muted, and you won’t be getting any thumping bass out of your tunes. Relatively speaking, it’s much tougher to do low end and bass response than mids and highs, especially when we’re talking budget-friendly headphones. We’ve heard headphones around this price range that did an okay job, but Choetech is coming in really close to the cheapest we’ve ever reviewed, so keep all of that in perspective.

But that doesn’t change the fact that if you’re using these for listening to a lot of heavier music or you’re watching action movies, you might be left a little disappointed. On the other hand, a YouTube or TikTok enthusiast who just casually listens to music is going to have a great time without breaking the bank here.

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Good battery life and touch controls

  • Touch controls are responsive
  • Good battery life
  • Case supports quick charging

On the non-sound details, Choetech has done an impressive job at the price point. The touch controls are on the headphones are quick and responsive, and managed to avoid too many accidental misclicks, and there are gestures for skipping songs and pulling your preferred voice assistant. All things that you’d normally want out of some headphones. They can also be used individually of each other, either right or left, which is almost a necessity with truly wireless earbuds these days.

The battery life claims to be about 4 hours per bud per charge, and I think that’s pretty close to accurate. Choetech promises three recharges with the case, which should be more than enough for just about any use case, but in case it’s not you can fully recharge the case in just 2 hours. That’s impressive for earbuds.

The headphones also support Bluetooth 5.0 for lower latency and better pairing, assuming your phone supports it, and they’re IPX5 certified to fend off any light rain or sweat damage. The secure fit and multiple eartip options should hold up for your workouts, too.

Worth it?

  • Attractive price point
  • Decent sound quality
  • Cheap build

At $29 it’s hard not to expect a pretty janky pair of headphones, but Choetech delivers something that’s actually pretty solid for the price. That’s not to say it doesn’t have faults, like the mediocre low-end and cheap plastic of the case, but they make up for those shortcomings in other ways. Fast charging in headphones is really cool, and they don’t compromise on other things you get from nicer headphones like IPX5 certification and Bluetooth 5.0.

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I think it really comes down to the use case like we mentioned earlier. If you’re only a casual music listener, these things are great for the price, and might just do the trick.

Choetech Wireless Earbuds | $29 | Amazon

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