Tuesday night, the city council had a rare opportunity to heal Chico and end the feud between those on the recall side, and those on the don’t recall side. This vote had a strong potential of ending the recall effort, because, had Mayor Stone be turned into council member Stone, most of Chico would have given up on the recall. Compromise is a wonderful thing.

Had the council voted on this matter, and taken back the gavel, or, had Mayor Stone simply relinquished his role, he would have been in a remarkable position to be both hero and martyr.  His followers could have capitalized on his bravery and poor treatment, and he could have capitalized on his sacrifice for the good of Chico. Possibly, he could have strategized this into a stronger position for future political endeavors, thus saving himself from political suicide.

But they didn’t.  And he didn’t. And Chico remains almost violently divided.

— Patricia Kay Grier-Wang, Chico


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