Campbell River RCMP see uptick in thefts from autos – Campbell River Mirror

A spate of thefts from parked cars has Campbell River RCMP warning owners to be wary of what they leave in their vehicles overnight.

More than ten incidents have been reported in the last two months, with a possibility of many more going unreported.

“It’s been a plague in this city since before I’ve been here,” said Const. Maury Tyre. “And over 90 per cent of them are from unlocked autos.”

The media liaison officer said thieves will often walk the streets late at night and pull the handle on car door after car door to see if they open. If one swings open, items of high value or wallets are searched for as quickly as possible.

If credit, or debit cards are found, the perps will make a trip to the nearest convenience store or gas station, where they will try to buy pre-paid credit cards.

“It’s essentially turning it into legitimate money that’s not trackable,” Tyre said.

A couple recent incidents saw items vital to the livelihood of victims being stolen.

“It’s sad,” Tyre said. “You’re taking about tools people need for their trade in the morning. One of the people in December lost their paint sprayer.

“It’s at the point now where if it’s not locked up, someone’s going to snag it. You could leave snow shovels outside and people will steal those too.”

He recommends car owners keep their vehicles secured, refrain from leaving valuables in cars, and if possible, mount a camera on their house.

‘Not the cameras that are hidden,” Tyre specified. “It’s the cameras that are visible. Thieves notice them and decide – I don’t want to be seen.”

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