Cat S42 will be first product from vendor to ship with special Biomaster treatment

Bullitt Group will start to ship its Cat phones with permanent exterior antibacterial protection from next year, in a move the rugged manufacturer says will make them the first antibacterial phones.

The company has worked with additive firm Addmaster to incorporate the addition of its Biomaster antimicrobial technology into the production of its smartphones. This technology has been tested to ISO 22196, an internationally recognised standard of antibacterial protection.

According to Bullitt, this solution coats the exterior of the phone, and inhibits the growth of microbes on its surface. In testing, Biomaster has been proven to reduce bacteria cell replication by more than 80 per cent within 15 minutes, and 99.9 per cent within 24 hours.

Bullitt’s first device to ship with the treatment will be the Cat S42 from “early 2021”. Bullitt says other devices in the Cat range will ship with the treatment later in the year, but not its Land Rover Explore R smartphone.


“Throughout 2020 we have consistently been driving awareness of the importance of mobile hygiene for us all, but this is vital for those among our customers working within a health or social care setting, and those visiting multiple sites for their job,” said Bullitt’s vice president of product portfolio Pete Cunningham.

“Using a Cat phone already allows them to have confidence that they can wash and sanitise their Cat phone regularly or between visits. The addition of antimicrobial product protection into the Cat S42 is another first for Cat phones, and will make the Cat S42 safer for users – such an important feature in the current climate.”

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Bullitt’s use of the Biomaster technology marks a continuation of its emphasis on the need to consider smartphone hygiene in the age of Covid-19.

Earlier in the year, it partnered with microbiologist Dr Simon Clarke on a guide for hygienic phone use in work environments.



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