Bugatti just launched its first electric scooter …but the top speed might disappoint you – Express

But while the electric scooter might not borrow the top speed found on Bugatti’s cars, there are some trademark touches from the French firm to be found here.

First off, the electric scooter arrives with a digital dashboard display that shows key statistics as you ride. There’s also turn signals built-in, which will help anyone who wants to use the scooter to commute. And finally, the tail light projects the Bugatti logo onto the road behind you as you rumble along at 18.8mph.

Unfortunately, there’s no word on the release date or price for the Bugatti-designed electric scooter yet. In fact, there’s not even a finalised name yet. Stay tuned, as we’ll share more details about this all-electric vehicle when they become available. In the meantime, those who want an electric scooter would do better to look elsewhere.

It comes as legendary motorbike brand Harley Davidson revealed its first “affordable” electric bike, dubbed the Serial 1.


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