Broomfield Mayor: Guyleen Castriotta – Broomfield Enterprise

Name: Guyleen Castriotta

Website: guyleen4mayor.com

Age: 57

Family: Wife, Carolyn Terry

How long have you lived in Broomfield: Eight years

Guyleen Castriotta (Courtesy photo)

Professional background:  News media and entertainment marketing

Political/community experience: Current mayor, former mayor pro tem 2019. Ward 5 councilmember since 2017. Advocate for public health and safety and our underserved communities. Served as chair for Counties and Commissioners Acting Together and forged strong regional relationships to ensure Broomfield has a seat at the table on issues of statewide concern including fiscal reform.

Education: Bachelor’s degree in communications, University of New Orleans

With the city and county of Broomfield nearing complete buildout, what facilities or amenities is Broomfield missing that you want to see constructed and why?

Broomfield has so much to offer but lacks a “downtown” destination for dining and entertainment. The Town Square project will reimagine Main Street and provide our community with a unique place to gather. With so much residential development occurring in northern Broomfield, we will have to add additional recreation and library facilities to better serve our residents. I would also like to see more local amenities and activities geared towards our families with younger children and teenagers.

As rent rates and home prices continue to climb, how do you plan to address affordable and attainable housing in Broomfield?

Seniors and young families cannot find attainable housing and this makes it difficult for families to live close to one another. I support the continued implementation of the Inclusionary Housing Ordinance with new residential development projects and housing partnerships. The Housing Development Fund continues to grow with the collection of Council-approved cash-in-lieu fees from developers. We must finalize the appointment of an independent Housing Authority.

Broomfield has long been deemed a “bedroom community.” How will you ensure Broomfield’s growth is equitable and allows individuals to both work and live in Broomfield?

I believe that Broomfield is poised to be the great American success story of the 21st century. We can lift up communities from poverty. We can grow the middle class and give our taxpayers a better value than they’ve been getting. We can be the home of the most innovative new companies in the world. We can be open to the world and not lose who we are. We can guarantee freedom and equality and dignity for everyone that calls Broomfield home.


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