Sure, that’s not a lot of power, but it doesn’t have to be for such a small car. The tiny Smart can do zero to 60 in 10.9 seconds, which is considerably faster than the standard car’s time of 11.5 seconds. Plus, this little car is more for handling than acceleration or top-speed runs. Speaking of which, Brabus says the car’s top speed remains 130 km/h, or around 81 mph. In the process of adding that amazing power, Brabus also made the car more efficient, and range is up to nearly 78 miles from the base car’s 57. Elsewhere, Brabus gave the Smart its WIDESTAR body kit, 18-inch wheels with high-performance tires, upgraded suspension, and a leather interior from the company’s “in-house saddlery.” 

As cool as it is, we won’t be seeing the Ultimate E Facelift on this side of the Atlantic, as Mercedes-Benz stopped importing the Smart EQ Fortwo electric car after the 2019 model year, which followed the company’s decision to stop importing the gas-powered Smart Fortwo two years earlier

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