Dr. Mickey Slimp is former faculty member at East Texas State University-Texarkana, now Texas A&M University-Texarkana, and is the author of the new book, “How the Internet of Things is Changing Our Colleges, Our Classrooms, and our Students.”

Asked how to view the coming ubiquity of live streaming, he responded:

“Video streaming such as the local football game is an illustration that tech-based communication is no longer available just to the wealthy or powerful. Anyone can have a production studio in their pocket.

‘When I was kid, such a studio would cost several hundred thousands of dollars. Now a cellphone and software can do the same thing. Take, for example, the impact and power of the Arab Spring — it could happen because people could communicate.

“Basic computer literacy now includes being able to make videos. This stage is at a level similar to being able to write 500 years ago. Nearly everyone could do it but with varying amounts of skill.

“Not everyone will be a Shakespeare. We won’t all be good storytellers. Some will sequence better than others. But still, we will all be functional and do what we need to do. Some will be experts, others will make a video to send to grandmother.

“For some perspective, consider it’s 2020, and we are still 40 years from George Jetson’s space age of 2060. In 1920 of the last century, everyone was just getting radio in their homes. The New York Times said flying past earth’s atmosphere would be impossible. But by 1960 of that century, we were sending and receiving television signals from men walking on the moon.

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“The idea is to accept and jump in, but at the same time, step back and realize, ‘Look at what we’ve done.’ Relish these wow moments. Don’t ignore them. To anyone over 30 this stuff is amazing, but to those just now turning 6, it’s pretty normal.”

Sibley is closely connected with Paul Pewitt Brahma football. He first came to Naples-Omaha area with his parents Doug and Linda Sibley at age two. His father coached Paul Pewitt athletics for 23 years before his untimely death at age 57 in 2001. Linda taught first grade here from 1983 until 2002.

Shane’s sister Sonya Dickey is an elementary school music teacher at Pewitt today. His twin brother Derrick is an administrator with Pleasant Grove ISD.

After graduation from Pewitt High School in 1996 and Stephen F. Austin State University, his goal was to coach at Paul Pewitt. This he did for 13 years until back surgery ended the athletic part of his teaching. This led, however, to a reshaping of his life.

“My first game when not coaching came in 2012, and I sat in the stands. ‘I can’t do this,’ I told my wife. ‘I’ve got to find something to do and help.'”

He had begun teaching audio-visual production at the high school, and so, with camera in hand, he got down on sideline at football games and began doing “hype” videos. These would be short, three- to four-minute snippets of game and happenings behind the scenes to get everyone excited.

That led into doing the live games, while his high school class grew into something the kids wanted to be part of. They would live stream events, create videos and enter contests, an opportunity many small schools don’t have. His effort was especially rewarding.

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“I’d had the experience, played the game, been a coach, understood computers, loved the school and someone asked after that first experience, ‘Had enough?’ No, I said, I’m just getting started.”



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