Black Friday ONLY: Acer Spin 5 is $340 off for the rest of the day

Good convertible laptops don’t come cheap, unless you’re buying them on Black Friday, at which point they come … well, less expensively than usual, if nothing else. Such is the case with the Acer Spin 5 and its sizeable $340 discount. That’s 31% off its usual $1,100 list price.

For “just” $760, from now until the end of Black Friday 2021, you can get the Acer Spin 5 convertible laptop from Amazon and save hundreds of dollars of cold, hard, digital cash in the process.

As to why you would want to spend money on Acer’s convertible in the first place: It has 10th Gen Intel processors, a healthy assortment of ports, a cap of 15 hours of battery life, and best of all, a 13.5-inch Acer VertiView 2K (2256×1504) widescreen IPS LED-backlit touch display (3:2 aspect ratio). In other words, if you want a pretty screen that can double as a tablet or laptop display, Acer’s got you covered.

Acer Spin 5 display mode

Save 31%:
Acer Spin 5

Want a 2K screen that you can look at and touch? How about all the laptop ports you could ever ask for? And 15 hours of battery life to top off the package? That’s the promise of the Acer Spin 5.

$760 at Amazon

Now, as is the case with certain Acer products, the Spin 5 lacks some of the premium frills of other convertibles. However, if you just care about basic functionality and a solid screen, $760 ain’t a bad deal. With that being said, don’t settle for just anything this Black Friday. Be excited about what you buy. Check out the best Black Friday laptop deals to see what else is on offer in the event you’ve yet to find the perfect savings opportunity.

If you are interested in the Acer Spin 5 deal, remember: It expires right around the time Black Friday itself does, so you need to act fast.

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