(Pocket-lint) – Tugging your charging cable to reach your device is a universal issue, but those who wish for a better world can employ a longer wire and turn this mild annoyance into a thing of the past. 

With endless third-party cables to pick between and USB standards to understand, though, it can be tough to know what exactly is right for you. That’s why we’ve compiled this quick and easy guide to the top options you can buy, particularly focusing on 10ft/3m chargers. 

Some will come in multipacks, making it more likely that you’ll always be within reach of a cable, and most will feature USB-A as the port to your plug, with the other end of the wire featuring a USB-C, Lightning or Micro USB port. 

Below, we’ll be going through the wires that can help improve your charging setup – come and explore with us. 

Best long charging cables you can buy


AmazonBasics Lightning to USB-A Cable (10ft)


Apple users who need a super-long cable for their iPhone or iPad needn’t scroll any further, with this 10ft USB-A – Lightning connector the perfect pick. 

The AmazonBasics cable has Apple’s MFi certification, with a nylon fiber on the outside to provide some added durability. 

Since it is so lengthy, AmazonBasics has also included Kevlar within the copper wire, too, just to make sure it stays powering your phone for longer. 


Fasgear USB to USB-C Cable (10ft, Three-Pack))


Have one in your bag, one at home and one at the office with this affordable three-pack, giving you 10ft reach when you need it most. 

Fasgear’s got plenty of cables to decide between, but this USB-C trio is ideal for a wide range of gadgets – including laptops. Since it also uses braided nylon, it should remain relatively durable, too.

Just be aware there are plenty of color options to pick between. Five different packs are available, with each featuring a trio of different colored cables.


Deego Micro USB Cable (10ft/6ft Two-Pack)


While you’re in the market for a new charging cable, you may as well double up – and you can do so easily with Deego’s two-pack. 

Instead of just giving you a solitary wire, you get a pair here, with one 10ft long and the other measuring 6ft. For those who need to charge through a wall outlet and USB-A to Micro USB, this offers value that’s hard to match.

Deego also suggests each cable can survive up to 10,000 bends, which is obviously important to avoid fraying.


Anker USB-C to USB-A Cable (10ft)


You might not get the extreme value of multipack offerings with Anker’s cable, but you do get the comfort of high quality. 

This singular 10ft cable offers a double-braided nylon exterior, with the laser-welded connectors giving your USB-C gadgets a secure and stable charge. 

Just be aware it doesn’t support the fast charging capabilities of the Google Pixel or Motorola Nexus, despite being able to do this with other Android devices. 


Jsaux USB-A to USB-C Cable (10ft/3.3ft Two-Pack)


Jsaux has plenty of excellent options for long-cable fans to ponder, with one of its most popular picks being this USB-C two-pack.

For good reason, as well, with it featuring one shorter 3.3ft cable – ideal for bedsides and desks – and another 10ft option, which is ideal for snaking across rooms towards hard-to-reach gadgets. 

It’s also available in seven different colors, for those of you who don’t want the garish red all over your home.


Fasgear USB-C to USB-A Cable (10ft)


Fasgear’s pick is slightly different to the rest of the cables on this list, designed to work with Oculus Quest but doubling up as the ideal choice for smartphone gamers.

For owners of the VR headset, this is naturally the only pick you should consider. However, those who enjoy landscape gaming on their phone are also aided by the 90-degree connector, which allows you to get a better grip around the device. 

It’s certainly not cheap, but it’s a top specialist 10ft cable to consider. 


Cabepow USB-A to USB-C Cable (10ft, Three-Pack))


Another top collection of USB-A to USB-C cables comes from Cabepow, giving you 10ft worth of charging extension in each wire. 

Available in six different colors – red, dark green, gold, silver, gray and purple – those who need to charge their smartphone, laptop or any other USB-C device are in good hands here.

The cables feature the typical braided nylon to aid durability, with a bendy section before the metal connection helping it avoid fraying. 

For the price, it’s tough do better than this pick.


Jsaux USB-A to USB-C Cable


Jsaux has options for those who want to pick up multiple lengths of the same cable type in one go, but this single USB-A to USB-C option will work for most people.

The 10ft length allows you to run it across rooms to reach charge-needy devices, such as cameras, laptops and smartphones, and the durable braided nylon exterior means it should avoid fraying. 

If you don’t prefer the red finish, the cable is also available in gray.

Writing by Conor Allison. Editing by Dan Grabham.


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