(Pocket-lint) – Cable management allows you to organise your home or office space to perfection, meaning errant wires are no longer on display or acting as a trip hazard.

In order to neatly and effectively tie up all your loose cables, though, you’ll need the right equipment for the job.

Most areas of the home can be brought under control with some cord clips and holders, though some scenarios will call for sleeves, ties and boxes, too. 

To help you corral your cables and live the wire-free dream, we’ve detailed some of the top solutions. Below, you’ll find cord organisers for any budget and scenario.

Best cord holders you can buy today


OHill Cable Clips

An ideal set of cable clips for those who need to run multiple wires in and around a desk or TV bench.


If you have a desk being cluttered with different cables, picking up this set of clips is one of the most efficient ways to untangle things. 

The pack includes 16 holders in total, though there are a number of different styles to help suit your scenario – some can feed more than one wire through, while others act as directional runners for a single cord.

With the sticky adhesive, it’s also able to remain tightly locked in place once fitted, and also won’t damage your unit if you need to take it off.

Blue Key World Store

Blue Key World Store Cable Clips

An excellent pick for those who need to lock their cords in place.


Another option for those who want to invest in some clips to help manage their cables, these are ideal for sticking on pretty much any surface. 

They are slightly more expensive than other clips you’ll find, but the fact you get plenty of staying power no matter the surface is a real bonus – and not one afforded in every set.

As ever, just know that the adhesive on the back has a shelf life, and is one that dramatically reduces if you have to pull it off and re-stick.


Avantree Cord Keepers

Group your loose cables with these easy-to-use fastenings.


While having things to run your cables along is always handy, grouping a large number of cables together is the best way to keep things neat and tidy. 

With Avantree’s pack, you get 20 velcro fastening ties – 10 small, seven medium and three large – to help easily wrap your cords together. Since this isn’t locked in place like a traditional tie, it’s also easy to re-arrange and tighten.

For TV units and desks that have plenty of cables running from a power strip to ports, these keepers are a great solution.


Joto Cable Management Sleeve

Grouping multiple cables and hiding them is made simple with this set of sleeves.


If ties and clips aren’t going to cut it in your cable management regime, having a fully-fledged sleeve could be just the ticket. It allows you to not only group cords together, but also hide them from sight, too.

You get four of the neoprene cables in the set, with each measuring around 20-inches and able to pack in up to eight different cords. 

It’s the best solution for those running plenty of cables along a big stretch of space, since they’re both flexible and can blend in easily.


Caillu Cord Organiser

Keep your headphones and charging cables in check with these beautiful leather clips.


For those interested in simply reducing the clutter caused by their cables, wrapping them up with these fancy leather clips is a great solution to consider. 

Five are included in this set, and they make it easy to maintain the benefits of a long-length cable.

Whether it’s a charging cable running along a desk or headphones that you want to remain untangled in a bag, securing them in place with one of these is simple to do and won’t act as an eyesore, either.


U-horizon Cable Clips

Super affordable clips that can help you organise your desk or TV unit with ease.


Like other clips on this list, U-horizon’s white adhesive holders are ideal for running cables and cords neatly through your TV set or office desk.

Having this set of six probably isn’t enough if you have more than a couple of wires you’re looking to corral, but it is ideal for one station, we’d say.

The only real downside to these clips, as we’ve said already, is the fact you’ll have to position them perfectly from the start, since they don’t re-stick with great success.

Writing by Conor Allison. Editing by Dan Grabham.


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