(Pocket-lint) – The best Bluetooth sunglasses should be able to take two things – your headphones and regular sunglasses – and combine them into one unstoppable force. 

Whether you want to use them to listen to music when running, take phone calls while commuting or something else entirely, most sunglasses will use bone conduction to deliver sound, as opposed to an in-ear bud. This means your ears are open for things like traffic, but you can still tune into whatever’s playing more safely – all while blocking out the sun, too.

Like everything, though, not all smart sunglasses offer the same package. Some will feature excellent audio, while others will focus more on delivering a waterproof, UV-protecting frame. The trick is to find the right balance for what you need, which is where this guide will come in handy. 

Below, we’ve detailed some of the very top options in Bluetooth sunglasses to help you decide. 

Best Bluetooth sunglasses you can buy now


Bose Frames


Bose’s Frames started out as a promising AR project by the audio giant, and, though that aspect failed to really materialize, the Bluetooth sunglasses are still the best we’ve tested in this area.

For those who want crisp, open-ear audio packed inside a sturdy, well-made frame with a range of different styles to choose from, there’s really no better pick.

Like all bone conduction frames, the arms are quite thick, but, really, this is about as discreet as it gets, and they still compare well against ‘regular’ thick frames.

There’s an integrated microphone to allow you to make calls and speak to your connected phone’s virtual assistant, with charge time taking two hours and delivering nearly four hours of music streaming and 12 hours on standby.

Naturally, they’re still great sunglasses, too, with Bose indicating that the lenses can block 99% of all UVA/UVB rays.


TechKen Sunglasses Headset


If you need a cheaper pick that skips the bone conduction smarts for more of a bud shape, TechKen’s sunglasses are a top pick to consider.

They offer a more sporty design than typical Bluetooth sunglasses, which makes them ideal for activities such as running, hiking and cycling. 

The polarized lenses will protect your eyes from UV rays, too, while the frame is foldable and features arms that can telescope inwards.

The design also makes them easy to operate in use, with users able to answer phone calls, control music and adjust volume from the side of the glasses.


Oho Sport Bluetooth Sunglasses


Oho has plenty of smart sunglasses to consider, but those in the market for something on the sporty side are best opting for this pair. 

There’s a speaker on the side to keep your ears open to the outside world, and a microphone, too, to allow you to take calls and chat to your phone’s voice assistant.

The UV400 polarized lens also gives you great protection against the sun – even when the five hours of playtime has elapsed and the headphones element needs recharging. 


Gelete Bluetooth Sunglasses


Gelete manages to fit audio smarts inside a fairly normal-looking glasses frame, while also ensuring the pair is able to handle sweat and rain.

Like others, it mainly focuses on delivering a simplified, open-ear audio experience, with users able to enjoy music, take calls and ask for directions from their phone’s linked voice assistant.

It doesn’t have the biggest battery to let you do so – just over three hours – but, even once the juice runs out, you’ll have polarized lenses to protect you from UV rays.

Those lenses are also available in a few different colors – blue, black and red. 


Bose Frames Tempo


Unlike Bose’s regular Frames glasses, which are designed more for everyday life, the Tempo pair is aimed at those who need something for long runs, hikes and cycles.

The design is sweat- and weather-resistant, and, with playtime running up to around eight hours on a full charge, they’re a perfect way to gain inobtrusive sound on long jaunts. Just as important is the fact they can recharge within an hour, too.

The audio quality is precise and clear – even when battling against winds – and the fit remains secure even when on the move, thanks to the temple grips and nose bridge.


Oho Bluetooth Sunglasses


If you like the look of Oho’s audio sunglasses, but want something a bit more suited to everyday wear than the company’s sporty offerings, these are a great pair to consider.

It offers much of the same features as the sportier twin, and that means open-ear audio, as well as a microphone for phone calls and voice assistant prodding.

The sunglasses can provide you with around five hours of total playtime at maximum volume, but, naturally, you’re protected from UV rays indefinitely.

Writing by Conor Allison. Editing by Dan Grabham.


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