One of the key features of the Apple Watch isn’t actually a feature of the watch itself – it’s the swappable nature of the accompanying watch straps. It allows for near-infinite customisation of the Apple Watch, and thanks to Apple’s proprietary strap system, it’s much easier to switch them out compared not only to analogue watches but other smartwatches on the market too.

The problem is that there are a lot of watch straps available for the Apple Watch. Apple offers several designs in a range of colours, and there are plenty of third-party manufacturers getting in on the Apple Watch strap fun too. That’s a good thing, considering Apple’s watch straps are more expensive than many were considering – the less said about the £350 Apple Link Bracelet the better.

With so many straps available, which is the best for your needs? Here’s our selection of the best third-party Apple Watch straps available in 2020.

1. Nomad Titanium Band – Best Overall

Nomad Titanium Band

2. Nomad Modern Strap – Best leather strap

Nomad Modern Strap

3. Southern Straps Black Leather – A great Italian leather strap

Southern Straps Black Leather

4. Casetify Printed Apple Watch Band – Cheap, fun straps

Casetify Apple Watch Bands

5. UAG Active Watch Band – Best rugged strap

UAG Active Watch Band

6. Bandmax strap adapters – A handy strap accessory

Apple Watch strap adapters


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